GASQ offers remotely proctored IQBBA Exams!

GASQ is now offering remotely proctored IQBBA Online@Home exams that you can take anywhere and anytime!

GASQ, as the official exam provider for IQBBA exams worldwide, has now launched a exam system to enable remote proctored IQBBA exams. This exams can be taken aywhere and at any location.



Online@Home Exams provide a simple and comfortable solution to our customers:

  • the exams are available worldwide
  • you can choose the time and date of your exam 24/7
  • you can take the exam at home or any other location that suits you
  • you will see the results immediately after passing the exam and receive your certificate within 1 week

You can book your Online@Home Exam here.

For further information, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.