Certified Agile Business Analysis

While both developers and testers have clear and recognizable roles in the agile development environment, the role of the Business Analyst is not so well defined. This may be because business analysis is misunderstood in general but is probably exacerbated by the lack of any widely accepted definition or framework for agile Business Analysis - until now.

At the end of the course, successful participants will be able to:

  • Identify the role of a business analyst in agile software development projects
  • Participate in agile teams developing software
  • Articulate the BA’s responsibilities to both the enterprise and the agile team
  • Understand and apply the agile business analysis principles and techniques
  • Know BA techniques that enable the delivery of artefacts that add value to the enterprise developing agile projects
  • Appreciate the importance of, and how to contribute to, continuous improvement of agile processes

The content

  1. What is Business Analysis?
  2. What is Agile?
  3. Common Agile Approaches
  4. Techniques in Agile Projects
  5. See the Whole
  6. Think as a Customer
  7. Determine: What is Value?
  8. Get Real with Examples
  9. Understand what is Doable
  10. Stimulate Collaboration and Continous Improovement
  11. Avoid Waste
  12. Review

The Syllabus in ENGLISH can be downloaded here.